Hire a Virtual Assistant to complete tasks you should not be doing.

Why hire a VA? Maintain your sanity: HAND OVER those mundane admin jobs, ELIMINATE staff contracts & drama, REDUCE your costs substantially & INCREASE your efficiency dramatically.

Recent Virtual Assistants

Pocket PA
Carine Josey
  • Admin
  • Computer literate
  • Data Capture
Virtual Assist by Sonja
Sonja Gericke
  • Admin
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data Capture
Ally's Admin
Alyscha Groenewald Groenewald
  • Admin
  • Advance Office
  • Advertising
Virtually Me
Marietjie Hattingh
  • Admin
  • Admission
  • Business support

What are the benefits to having a Virtual Assistant?

Free yourself

Get our VA's to look after your admin , so you can focus on the tasks you love and the work that actually makes you money.

Structured Flexibility

Flexible and affordable VAs, structured to suit businesses and individuals alike.

Accelerate your results

Having an assistant is like having a superpower, while you’re doing one thing, your VA's already finishing the next!

Dedicated Assistants

A dedicated assistant  takes care of all your needs, from the very start of your project, to the very end.

Controlled Costs

Our VA's save you money on costs like office space, internet, and annual leave, and get work done in a timely manner, saving time.

Proven Track Records

Proven track record of efficient and experienced assistants from different industries across the nation.

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