"A Unicorn Strategist" - What do you call yourself?

October 14, 2018

As you begin to decide on the tasks that you WILL want to offer – you may change your title from VA to something more specific to what you do.

As you specialize your services, you may choose to call yourself:

A Social Media Manager
A Pinterest Expert
A Sales Funnel Strategist
A Business Consultant
A WordPress Wizard
A Copywriter
A Facebook Ad Manager
A Launch Strategist
A Webinar Rockstar
A Landing Page Liason
A Unicorn Strategist (seriously – it doesn’t really matter what you call yourself – as long as you have a SERVICE to offer and you know WHO to offer it to!)

In general, the term “Virtual Assistant” is what people end up asking for and searching for, even if they really want a specialist in a particular area. It’s the term that they understand. So, even if you choose to change your name to a more “specialist” term – don’t forget to respond to and search for clients looking for a “VA”.

Excerpt from The Virtual Savvy

Author: Abbey Ashley

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