getaVA South Africa’s premium platform for Virtual Assistants…

Our purpose is to provide a platform for Virtual Assistants to offer your skills and expertise to entrepreneurs, business owners and corporates alike. If you have skills or expertise in specific areas that you can offer virtually then you might just qualify to join our network. if you can and do offer a virtual service, scroll down to apply to be one of our virtual assistants. 

The features of your website:

Lead-generating website

Valued at R8 000

For 12 months you will get a lead-generating website (landing page) that will cover all the main areas of your business. 
Click here to see an example

Free website hosting

Valued at R1 188

You get free website world-class and secure hosting for your 12 month membership. Normally this would cost with our provider Hetzner R1188 per year, you get this for free.

3 Way Contact System

Value: Get quicker sales

Your website will offer 3 ways of your clients to reach you, namely Email, Whatsapp and SMS. All inclusive with your membership.

Deals Section

Value: Priceless

You can showcase your latest deal/offer to your clients directly on your new website, and drive even more leads to your site with your offer. 

Gallery and Videos

Value: Priceless

Add your photos and create galleries, as well as videos to your new website. Viewers will be able to watch the videos directly on your page. 

Star Rating Reviews

Value: Priceless

Clients can submit star rated reviews directly to your site, and these reviews will also get picked up in Google search. Reviews builds credibility and trust for your business. 

Your own blog

Value: Priceless

Create your own custom content and share stories on your own site. Content is key, and you can keep your clients updated with your latest news. 

Social Sharing 

Value: Priceless

Now that you have this amazing website, share it with your friends and family on social media! 

Join our community for 12 Months

Why is this so 'cheap' and affordable? We know that the more virtual assistants we can help, the more jobs we can create in helping eradicate unemployment in South Africa.


Valid for 12 Months
A Free Listing on getaVA
No payment needed


Per Month
A Free Website on getaVA
Please note: prices are going up to R59 per month as of the 1st of September 2019
EFT and Credit Card options available.


Valid for 12 Months, once-off
Free Website on getaVA 
Please note: prices are going up to R595  per year as of the 1st of September 2019
EFT and Credit Card options available.
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