By Brent Lindeque on March 4, 2019

“They may have been up since 4am this morning to get to work by 8am… chances are they have left some toddler to prepare himself for school.”

Johannesburg, South Africa – Zama Titi, the CEO and Co-Founder of “BiD-Me” shared an important post on social media that is being shared by thousands of South Africans for it’s truth.

It was Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said that “we must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer,” and Zama’s post is a reminder of this… and to be kinder than necessary, always.

Read his full text below:

“This is reality for one of your family members, colleagues or employees.

I still have blood relatives who still brave this every morning.

They were up since 04h00 this morning to get to work at 08h00. Chances are they left some toddler to prepare himself for school.

They had to survive dangerous streets, unforgiving queues and overloaded public transport to be at work on time.

If they are late – it is not because of lack of time management or lazyness as that job is the only hope they may have. So before you yell at them, pull out another written warning – spare a thought.

When you ask them how their weekend was – they do not mention that a neighbour’s child was raped, their friend was stabbed and oh the left over foods you gave them from your staff braai Friday came in handy for their aunt’s kids who is unemployed.

They smile and say it was wonderful – but if you look and listened closely – you would pick up the teary eye. When you scold them for being late – they smile and say it won’t happen again! All they mean is that tomorrow – they will get up at 03h00.

Someone cleaning your desk, bringing you tea, looking after your precious kids – may have been in the taxi you blocked on the road this morning. Someone you share the aircon with in your office – may have been hanging for dear life on an overloaded train this morning to make it to work.

Be kind!”


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